Non-flushable items

Condoms, tampons, ANY pre-packaged wipes, sanitary napkins, hair from a brush, basically anything that won’t dissolve in water.Save some money, and keep this in mind. You don’t want to see this nasty machine dragging through your living room…trust me. But IF you do, well..

Small Bathrooms

The homeowner chose everything. I agreed with it all. We added some waterproof recessed lighting in the shower. Got rid of the fiberglass shower booth, and poured and tiled shower pan. This opened up some space and allowed us to maximize the booth by installing a single frameless wall (eliminating the need for a swinging […]

5ft bathroom vanity

5ft bathroom vanity. Like every cabinet we build, this is all wood construction. Self-closing, full extension soft-close hardware give a luxurious feel to the recessed shaker style doors and drawer fronts. The drawer placement allows for storage, without interfering with the double sink bowls, or their plumbing. The color is sea foam.

We mean Custom!

When we say custom…this is what WE mean. This is a custom vanity that is created from scratch

Bathroom for a vet

A few befores and afters that my homeowner sent me today. Her brother-in-law is a vet, who recently lost a leg. She hired me, and we built this for him. HGTV showcased their kitchen last year…she said she wished she’d known me then. This is his nearly completed new bathroom.